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Guiyang Metro Line 1

The roadway is mainly limestone rock, the width is 11 meters, the height is 8 meters, tunneling about 6 meters per day.

EBH120 Roadheader

EBH120 Roadheader for Water Conservancy Project in Sichuan Mianyang.

EBZ260 Roadheader

EBZ260 Roadheader for highway tunnel.

EBZ200 Roadheader

EBZ200 Roadheader for Marble rock, hard sandstone, fractured rock hardness rating F4.

EBH120 Roadheader

In July 2015, Xinjiang Jiugan Peng Mining Co., Ltd rented one EBH120 roadheader machine for the construction of Wuqia county copper mine tunnel.

EBZ200 Roadheader for coal mining in Poland

Two of our engineers went to Poland and assisted in installation and commissioning and had technical discussions and trained the company engineers how to operate the roadheader. Our company director also accompanied them.

EBZ120 Roadheader: Performance comments & Appreciation from customer

In January 2014, our company purchased one EBZ120 roadheader machine from KAMY for the construction of a roadway tunnel in Mexico, Mulege autonomous region (Copper mine). KAMY Director and two other professional engineers visited Mexico to the work site.

EBH120 Roadheader for Sodium mine in Morocco

Two of our engineers went to Morocco for assisting in installation and commissioning of roadheader and operation of roadheader and trained the company engineers.